In 2008 I began researching my family history. Here I have collected some of the more interesting stories and discoveries. I have learned that my ancestors were pioneers and border dwellers in many places: Europe, New Spain, Colonial New England, Maine, the American West, Gold Rush California, Baja California, Tejas and many other places. Through their work they contributed to the beginnings and growth of Nuevo México, Plymouth Colony, El Paso, Ensenada, North Dakota, Maine and California.

I did not do all this by myself. I have collected and built on the research of many others. Our family researchers include Phyllis Maercklein, Helen Stoltz Costello, Jim and Margie Schoenfelder, David Stoltz, Norbert Wegmann, Cheryl McCarthy Moore, Lysa Nabours and Michael Stoltz. We are grateful for the contributions of Gloria Joyce Hernández Alvarado, Arlene Hernando, David Hernández and many other talented researchers who have assisted us as well as all our family members who have been so cooperative in providing information and photographs.

The main lines I research include Stoltz, Chávez, Dunham, Alvarado, Luján, Rocha, Ivans, García, Marín, Stricker, Cuaron, Balderas, Springston, Todd, Telles, Tamayo, Moraila and more. If you have any information, stories or photos to share with me, please contact me, using the form below or via email at!

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