This site is just beginning, but it details a history that began many centuries ago. I’m glad you came by to check out my family history research. I only set up this site yesterday, so do come back often. I promise you’ll find many new and interesting photos, stories and research.

Of course to fulfill this promise, I need the help of our wide and numerous family! Please send me photos, stories and documents to share with all the family. And you’d be surprised how some little detail you think is not important can open up a whole new area of research, uncovering new family members and stories.

So in a way, I’m only a compiler. I take what you give me and use it as one more piece of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. Right now I’m still missing a lot of pieces, but with your help we’ll get the whole picture. To reach me, use the contact link at the bottom of the page.

Watch this space for new stories as I gather them. For now you might like to see the photo galleries as I continue to upload images I’ve received from all of you. Keep them coming!

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