In response to the posted photo of my grandaunt Maybelle Stoltz Chavez’ El Paso band, her daughter my cousin Margie, points out:

Both my Mom and her cousin, Juanito Lujan, were members of the band called The Stoltz Blues Chasers. Richard, Arlene and I remember that band being mentioned by Mom years ago… We did not remember hearing about the Nighthawks so we’re not sure where that come from. I remember Mom told Arlene and me about her being in the first all girl band when she was in school. It was formed by a man named Rayo Reyes. Arlene and I have a friend that is related to that man. It is truly a small world.

The photo came to me titled “Maybelle’s Knighthawks,” so I’ll have to see who provided that name! Margie included some great old newspaper clippings that detail El Paso parties of the mid-late 1920s or early 1930s where the Stoltz Blues Chasers performed as people danced. One celebrates Maybelle’s birthday; the other appears to be a birthday party for her mother Apolonia (presumably should be “Mrs. L. J. Stoltz”).

Resultó Lucida la Fiesta en Honor de la Srita. Stoltz

Society article about a Stoltz family party (1920s?)

Society article about a Stoltz family party (1920s?)

Verdaderamente lucida resultó la fiesta que tuvo verificativo el jueves por la noche en la casa numero 3321 de la calle Copper, con motivo de la celebración del onomástico de la estimable señorita Maybell Stoltz.

Durante la misma se obsequió a los concurrentes con magnificos refrescos y sandwiches, habiéndos prolongado el baile, que amenizó la orquesta Stoltz Blues Chasers, hasta las primaras horas de la madrugada.

Entre los concurrentes pudimos anotar a las siguientes personas:

Señoras: Browning, Contreras, Quintana, Valencia y Stoltz.

Señoritas: Hortensia Montes, Maybell, Jennie y Viola Stoltz, Laura Hernández, Molly Gallo, Hermelinda, Beatriz y Guillermina Geck, María Gutiérrez, Carrie y Evelyn Lea, Agripina y Encarnación Cortés, María Apodaca, Concha Ochoa, Josefina Lucero, Elvira y Nena Armendariz y Carmen Delgado.

Señores: Mariano López, Alfred y Ralph Stoltz, Tony Cortés, Tony Venegas, Lupe López, J. D. Luján, J. N. Sáenz, Rogelio Minjarez, Edmund Browning, Ramón Camarillo, Polo Sandoval, Noel Holmes, José García, Jesús Sillas, Percy Sloan, … Amézcua, W. Villanueva, Juan …, D. Flores, Alfonso González, … Carillo, M. P. Valencia, …, Carlos Chávez, Margarito …, Ernesto G…, Juan Se…, Enrique Me…

An English translation follows.

A Splendid Party in Honor of Miss Stoltz

The party we checked out on Thursday night really turned out absolutely splendidly at number 3321 Copper Street, on the occasion of the celebration of the name day of the estimable Miss Maybell Stoltz.

During the event we were presented with magnificent soft drinks and sandwiches, and it featured a prolonged dance. The orchestra, the Stoltz Blues Chasers, entertained until the early morning hours.

Among the attendees we were able to note were the following people…

[Fiesta] en la Residencia de la Sra. L. G. Stoltz

Society article about  a Stoltz family party (1920s?)

Society article about a Stoltz family party (1920s?)

El miércoles por la noche tuvo verificativo en la residencia de la familia Stoltz, 2321 de la calle Copper, una fiesta en honor de la distinguida L. G. Stoltz, con motivo de su onomástico.

Durante la misma, se sirvió a la concurrencia una exquisita cena de enchiladas y refrescos, siguiendo después un animado baile que amenizo la orquesta Stoltz Blues Chasers.

Entre los invitados pudimos anotar a las siguientes personas:

Señoras: Browning, Valencia, Escontrías, Cooper, Stoltz y Geck.

Señoritas: Adelina y María Gutiérrez, Agripina y Encarnación Cortés, Hermelinda, Beatriz y Guillermina Geck, Estela García, Esther, Evelyn y Carrie Lea, Corina y Concha Ochoa, Amalia Gallo y Maybell, Viola y Jennie Stoltz.

Señores: Francisco Mena, Lupe López, Ralph y Alfred Stoltz, Rogelio Perales, Antonio Cortés, Ernesto Chaparro, Agustín Sánchez, Lalo Ochoa, Benjamín Arías, José Arriola, X. Guerrero, Manuel Martínez, Lolo Flores, José García, Noel Holmes, Nepomuceno Sáenz, Edmund y Roy Browning, Ramón Sánchez y Señor Valencia.

La fiesta dejó gratísima impresen en todos los concurrentes.

The English follows.

[A Party] at the Residence of Mrs. L. G. Stoltz

On Wednesday night at the Stoltz family residence, 2321 Copper Street, I was present at a celebration in honor of the distinguished L.G. Stoltz, on the occasion of her birthday.

During the event, the audience was served a delicious dinner of enchiladas and refreshments, then followed a lively dance, made pleasant by the orchestra Stoltz Blues Chasers.

Among the attendees we were able to note were the following people:

The party left a most pleasant impression on everyone present.

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